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Piranha Pipeline's Deep Analysis

Piranha Pipeline's Deep Analysis

Hey everyone, Kumar here, because they Track, completely new to the Mario Kart franchise, has been officially revealed in Mario Kart Tour. And there's a bit of a pattern here with tracks like this being introduced later in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. So we're going to take an extra close look to try and sneak a peek at a course that may appear in wave Six.

Piranha Plant Track

First, the track's name is Piranha Pipeline, which means it joins other Piranha theme tracks like Piranha Plant Slide and Piranha Plant Cove. Now what's extra funny is that in Europe. Piranha Plants slide is actually called Piranha Plant Pipe way. So this is a pipeline and this is a pipe way. Kind of feels like we're running out of ideas. But as you can guess, this track will feature the titular piranha Plants. We see one off to the side here and one waiting to chomp at racers way down there and another hungry plant just waiting for anyone to take too wide of a turn.


Now please direct your attention to Geoffrey piranha Plant. We call him Geoffrey cause we see Jeff. Three, the large lad positioned at the start of the race in this large blue pipe off to the side to the left of the racers. Geoffrey is even featured in the key art for this track alongside Peter Piranha.

Reverse Version

Now what's strange here is at separate points we approach the finish line from opposite ends. For anyone unfamiliar with Mario Kart Tour, there are reverse variants of tracks, and that is likely what we are seeing here. You know you're looking at the reverse version if Geoffrey is on the right. As opposed to his standard spot to the left of the racers. But anyways, it seems like the majority of the race takes place in these two distinct pipes. First the green, then the orange. What's weird about this is in recently released screenshots, there's a more futuristic looking white pipe connected to a decidedly red pipe, as opposed to the orange one that we've been looking at, and obviously those spider webs. And then here we see a split path, red and blue pipes that the player can enter in. And again, all of this is complete.

Absent from the trailer we are currently examining, so there's definitely a lot of this track being held back from full viewing. Aside from the pipes, there's one standout area being this pool with the piranha poking out, which actually kind of matches the piranha we see closer up later, meaning these could actually be the same and this area follows directly into this one.

Track Outline

Now with everything we do have, let's try to map out to the track. OK, so we go straight from the starting point into this green pipe we go down into the right. Now we know eventually we want to fly into the mouths of one of these two pipes, since it looks like that's the direction this tiny Pauline is facing. So I think there's likely some big lifting jump like in Piranha Plant slide that finishes with a glider section, allowing you to pick which pipe you want to enter, red or blue.

Then both pipes are likely connected to white pipes like we can see the red one is with this picture, and I'm assuming that these will converge, eventually getting us to the orange pipe which goes down to this puddle which we see, picks up again here, and then this pipe's exit leads us back to the start. So I don't know anything like this.

Game Coins

Now, if you're the kind of racer that needs to know about coin placement for some reason, what I can tell you is that we see a group available for any willing to go up this half pipe, another similar group on the opposite side, 2 pairs on the grates before this fall off, and someone exiting the green pipe. Now we see another variant instance here with the entrance of the green pipe either having a row of coins or item boxes, but I don't care about that. What I do care about is what this variant has done with Geoffrey. I hope he's OK.

The Fuzzy

Oh, and fuzzies are on this track. So number one fuzzy fan sound off in the comments below because this is their second appearance in Mario Kart Tour after being featured in Rome earlier this year. We have another random inclusion in the form of spider webs, and outside of a brief appearance in the Mario Kart arcade game, it's a pretty unusual thing to see. I'm curious to see what effect they will have on gameplay and if they will appear if and when this track comes to 8 Deluxe.

A New Pauline

Lastly, you may have noticed in this footage a new Pauline. Variant is being introduced in Mario Kart Tour since this version of Pauline wears pants. Some are theorizing that this is a sign of modeling work done in preparation of Pauline joining the roster in Mario Kart 8, since the shape of the model would be identical to what would occur with the biker suits that are commonplace in Eight Deluxe.

So would you be happy to see Pauline join Mario Kart on Switch? No matter who does? I know one thing for sure. Nuigi was robbed and that's going to do it for our deep dive on Piranha Pipeline. So confusing. But thank you for tuning in. I for one really hope this track is in wave six so that I can see Geoffrey in sweet HD. I'll see you next time. Goodbye.

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