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Mind blowing Details In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Mind blowing Details In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

We can all agree that The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a pretty cool game with a 
ton of cool things inside like the sky, islands, gorgeous Dragons and also little touches that make the world feel real and lived in. So here are some of the cool details, big and small, that we found in Tears of the Kingdom.

BIG Splashes

Whenever Link dives into water at high speed, the splash he makes is enormous, with water droplets coming in like brief rainfall. You might think they didn't need to add this, but if he just made a little splash after diving in from thousands of feet in the air, it would look kind of jarring, wouldn't it? Link's Voice Whenever Link cooks, he can't help but hum little tunes. Some of them will sound familiar to longtime fans of Zelda. Here are some we were able to recognize.

Zelda Stole Link's House

Now for something that'll make you angry. Or at least it made me angry. Zelda stole Link's house in Hattonow village. In her diary she talks about how she commissioned someone to make her a secret room in her house. She can't be talking about the one Link is standing in because this is his. How are you freaking kidding me? Link went out of his way to save Hyrule and Zelda from a giant cosmic pig and she thinks of him by taking his house. She doesn't even have the common courtesy to call it their house, just hers. Well, if she thinks I'm going to follow the main quest now, she's in for a rude awakening. Link's Awakening.

Epic Waterfall

The Sky Islands themselves are really cool, but they look even cooler when they have a waterfall that goes straight down into high rule, such as this one above Bremen Peak in the Nekluda Sky Archipelago. For some reason this waterfall stops midair when it isn't raining, but when it does rain, you can go up it with the Zora armor and arrive at an island pond with some fairies and an old treasure map.

Raining on Hyrule's Parade

Speaking of rain, I hate the rain, and so do the citizens of Hyrule, as they will actively try to get out of the rain once it starts, and they'll get irritated with you if you stop to talk to them, sometimes not continuing a conversation until they're under some cover.

A Falling Star Like in Breath of the Wild, stars also fall from the sky and Tears of the Kingdom, but sometimes they'll appear right next to you midair if you're falling, and you can catch them this way too. It's the very definition of cool.

How to train Your Dragon

That's not the only cool thing you can do in the air, as you can also land on top of Dragons. You can collect their shards on their spine or hit them to get their scales. It's a bit easier than having to shoot them with arrows from afar. Band Played On Horses stables that are next to great fairies have a group of musicians and they play Opona's theme much like Cast did in Breath of the Wild. As you continue the quest line to add more band members to their group, you'll hear this theme with additional instruments.


The mini map can be very effective, but did you know you can actually change what level the mini map displays? If you want to know what's underground while you're on the surface or sky, you can just go to the map, change it to the depths, and voila, there it is. It's very handy.

Link, Stop It

The world of High Rule feels extremely real, in part because people actually react to what Link does when he waves something around with Ultra Hand. People get scared and shout things at him. They also freak out if he uses a send near them. I guess she's now paying attention. Characters also react to what Link is wearing or not wearing. In this case, if he walks around in his birthday suit, some characters will acknowledge that when they talk to him, sometimes adding it to the end of what they were going to talk about anyway. However, what's funnier is that some of them don't acknowledge it when they're talking to him, instead saying something to themselves while he stands there or walks by. Not only that, but if he goes into Garruto Town buck , he will be arrested for public indecency. Just amazing.

An Asset Flip

You ever wonder how Nintendo was able to create this vast underground system in the depths? Well, game developer Peter Field shared his theory on Twitter. He believes that the world of high rule is flipped upside down in the depths. So what would be a mountain on the surface is now a pit in the depths and vice versa. That's one clever way to reuse assets, if I do say so myself.

Trick to Find Shrines

Remember that tweet I mentioned a few seconds ago? Well, Charlie Murray replied to it saying that the light Roots in the Depths match the location of shrines above them. We decided to check this out for ourselves, and so far it's true. Light Roots have shrines right above them on the surface. So if you need another way to find shrines in the game, this is one way to do it. Anyway, those were some cool details we discovered in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. If you found any for yourself, please share them with us in the comments below. Until next time, bye.

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