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RRB Group-D 5 September All Shift Question Paper Analysis Announced

RRB Group-D 5 September All Shift Question Paper Analysis Announced

RRB Group D 5 September All Shift Question Paper Analysis: 

Railway Group D Exam 05 September 2022 question Answerers for all shifts together, In This time thousand of students are appeared for Railway Group-D exam. That is why railway board is taking the exams by spreading them into phases and shifts so that the exams can be done thoroughly without any hassle. Railway Group-D Phase-2 exam is going to run from 26 August to 08 September, after that Phase 3 will start. Today go through this post, I am going to tell all the shift papers of Railway Group-D exam to be held on September 05 with question and Answerers, whose purpose is only to help the students in preparing for the exam. So that all the students read these questions and guess in which direction they have to prepare itself.

RRB Group D 5 September All Shift Question Paper:

1Q. Who has won the silver medal in both the womens 10m air pistol team event and individual event at the ISSF World Cup 2022 held in Cairo, Egypt?

Answer- Isha Singh

2Q. What causes expAnswerion and contraction of the lungs while breathing?

Answer. diaphragm

3Q. Which is the only active volcano of India located in Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

Answer- Barren Island

4Q. What type of yeast is used in bread making?

Answer. saccharomyces

5Q. In which schedule is the distribution of power between the Center and the States?

Answer- Seventh Schedule (Article 245 to 263)

6Q. When did the Family Court Amendment take place?

Answer. 2022

7Q. Those reactions in which there is an exchange of ions between the reactants are called?

Answer- Double displacement reactions

8Q. Who won the Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Trophy in 2021?

Answer. Punjab University Trophy

9Q. Which festival is celebrated in January?

Answer- Pongal, Makar Sankranti January

10Q. How many isomers are there in butane and pentane?

Answer. two and three isomers

11Q. How many electrons are shared between one carbon and oxygen in CO2?


12Q. Who wrote the book Hind Swaraj?

Answer. Mahatma Gandhi

13Q. Which committee recommended for the three-tier Panchayati Raj system?

Answer- Balwant Rai Mehta Committee

14Q. Which state organized sports in its 75 districts?

Answer. Uttar Pradesh

15Q. In which article is the fundamental duty?

Answer- Article 51A

16Q. Which language was added additional to the national language in 2014?

Answer. Odia

17Q. Which metals are extracted only by electrolytic method?

Answer- Ca, Al, Na and Mg

18Q. When inflation increases. So what does RBI do?

Answer. Increases repo rate.

19Q. What does resistivity depend on?

Answer- The resistivity of a material depends on its nature and the temperature of the conductor, but not on its size.

20Q. Who Started NIPER Research Portal in January 2022?

Answer- Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers Shri MAnswerukh Mandaviya

Railway Group-D 5 Sep 2022 question Answerwers for all shifts:

21Q. What is called the protein factory of the cell?

Answer. ribosomes

22Q. Complete the reaction: S03 + H 20→

Answer-Hydrolysis of S03 give H2SO4

23Q. How many molecules of water are there in washing soda?

Answer. Ten molecules

24Q. What is the permanent stop of menstruation called?

Answer- Menopause

25Q. If a woman is not promoted then which of her fundamental rights has been violated?

Answer_Right to equality (Article 16)

26Q. How many molecules of oxygen are there in ozone?

Answer. three molecules

27Q. When did India become a member of GATT?

Answer- 8 July 1948

28Q. According to Dobenier's triple rule, in which element will the average of the molecular weight of calcium and borium be found?

Answer. levels

29Q. When was Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit University established? 

Answer- Established on 8 October 1962 in New Delhi

30Q. Nitin Gadkari has recently announced India's first hydrogen based Advanced Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle _Launched?

Answer- Toyota Mirai (Toyota Mirai)

31Q. Which element will give the percentage of molecular weight of chlorine and iodine according to Dobeniers triple rule?

Answer. bromine

32Q. What is the name of the scheme of the central government which gives scholarship to the minority child who goes to study abroad?

Answer- Padho Pardesh scheme for minorities was launched by the Ministry of Minority Welfare in 2013-2014. Under the scheme, the government will give 100 percentage subsidy on the interest rate of loan taken by the students.

33Q. What will be the resistance if three resistances of 4Ω, 3Ω, 4Ω are connected in series

Answer. 11Ω (omega)

34Q. What is the SI unit of focal length?

Answer. meter for focal length

35Q. Tamil language style?

Answer-Tamil Dravidian language

RRB Group D 5 September All Shift Question Paper Analysis:

36Q. With which country does India share an international border of 4096 km?

Answer. Bangladesh

37Q. Who Defines the music of sa re ga ma pa in the basis of periodic table?

Answer- Newland's rule of octaves

38Q. With how many countries does India share its border?

Answer. 7 countries

39Q. Which has 3 carbon

A) Glucose B) Ethanol C) Pyruvic acid ) Benzoic acid

Answer- Pyruvic acid C3H403 Benzoic acid- C6H5COOH

40Q. Which rulers built the Khajuraho temple?

Answer. Rulers of the Chandela dynasty

Q.Fermentation products of yeast are

Answer – Ethyl alcohol + CO2

41Q. In the second five-year plan, which sector was emphasized?

Answer. on industry

42Q. What type of resource is coal, petrol, natural gas?

Answer- Non renewable

43Q. What is the nature of toothpaste?

Answer-(Toothpaste is a base.)

44Q. Jawaharlal Nehru referred to which act as the "Charter of Slavery" and compared it to a machine without engine & all brakes.

Answer- On the Government of India Act 1935

45Q. In which festival in Odisha, a deity is made by cutting neem wood?

Answer. Navakaleswar festival

46Q. In which month the idol is taken out for the Jagarnath festival?

Answer. Ashadh

47Q. Which product emitted by trees and plants is harmful to humAnswer?

A) 02 B) CO2 C) D) Resin

Answer. CO2

48Q. What is the state in which both the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council are called?

Answer. bicameral legislature state

49Q. Which is the tributary of Brahmaputra river?

Answer. Lohit

50Q. Which disease is caused by UV rays?

Answer- Skin cancer

51Q. What is India's rank in Corruption Index 2022?

Answer. 85th

52Q. In which article is free education for children of 6-14 years?

Answer. Article 51A

RRB Group D 5 September All Shift Question Paper Analysis:

53Q. When the rivers fall from the mountains, they get divided into many streams before meeting in the sea, what is it called?

Answer These small streams are called distributary

54Q. In which article is the policy directive element?

Answer. 51-A

55Q. Where is Lal Bahadur Shastri Sanskrit University?

Answer. Delhi University

56Q. Who gave the rule of Astaka?

Answer. newland

57Q. Where will the hosting of the Olympic Games 2023 Committee be held?

Answer. Mumbai

58Q. Which of the following carries pure blood?

Answer. Pulmonary Veins

59Q. When did India join GATT?

Answer. 8 July 1948

60Q. Who is called the God of rain?

Answer. rain god

61Q. Who won the silver medal in 10m pistol shooting in ISSF 2022?

Answer. Avni Lakhera

62Q. In how many lists is the power division of the Center and the State?

Answer. three list

63Q. What is the script of Tamil language, the language of Tamil Nadu?

Answer. Tamil script language

64Q. What does resistivity depends on?

Answer. heat

65Q. Which gas do trees and plants emit which are harmful?

Answer. carbon dioxide

66Q. What was the chemical name of Amla?

Answer. Phyllanthus emblica

Railway Group D 5 September 2022 question answers for all shifts:

67Q. What type of reduction is taking place in the reaction CuO + H2——> Cu + H2O?

Answer. CuO

68Q. Which one of the following carries pure blood tip?

Answer. whisper tip

69Q. What is in Article 15?

Answer. right to equality

70Q. What is in Article 343A?

Answer. Official language of the Union shall be Hindi and Devanagari script.

71Q. With whom did UNICEF tie up for the health and education of children?

Answer. policy commission

72Q. Which god is riding the swan?

Answer. MAA Saraswati

73Q. Which deity is worshiped during Chhath Puja?

Answer. surya puja

74Q. Who is called the father of geography?

Ans. eratosthenes is the father of geography

75Q. If the object is 15 centimeter in a concave mirror and the focal length is 10 centimeter, then where and how will the image be formed?

Answer. -30

76Q. In a convex lens, the object is at 20 centimeter and the focal length is 15 centimeter, so where and how will it be formed?

Answer. 60

77Q. Which of the following is not an Agmark?

Answer. Swarna Bhushan

78Q. How many single bonds are there in cyclochloropentane?

Answer. 15

79Q. When did Monteu Chems Ford reform?

Answer. 1919

80Q. What will be the resistance if two resistors 8 omega and 10 omega are connected in parallel?

Answer. 4.45

81Q. What is the valency of group 2 elements in the periodic table?

Answer. 2

82Q. With whom does the general public keep in touch?

Answer. local government in touch

83Q. Where is food stored in plants?

Answer. parenchyma plants

84Q. Who is called the father of geography?

Answer. hecataeus

85Q. From where do aquatic organisms take oxygen during respiration?

Answer. from oxygen dissolved in water

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