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RRB Group D 12 September All Shift Question Paper Analysis Released

RRB Group D 12 September All Shift Question Paper Analysis Released

RRB Group D 12 September All Shift Question Paper Analysis: Railway Group D Exam 12 September 2022 question answers for all shifts together to respond together This time thousand of students are appeared in Railway Group D examination. That is why railways is taking the exams by dividing them into phases and shifts so that the exams are done smoothly without any way. Today, through this posts, I am going to tell the questions and answers of all the shift papers of Railway Group D exam to be held on 12th September, the purpose of which is only to help the students in preparing for the exam. So that all the students read these questions and guess in which direction they have to prepare.

RRB Group D 12 September All Shift Question Paper:

1Q. Who won the "YONEX" Sunrise Open 2022?

Answer. Lashay Sen

2Q. In which year the periodic table of Mendeleev was published in Germany magazine?

Answer. In 1872

3Q. Slavery was abolished by Akbar?

Answer. In 1562

4Q. Hirakud Dam is on which river?

Answer. Mahanadi River

5Q. When was Mendeleev's periodic table discovered?

Answer. In Year 1869

6Q. How many women's panchayats are there in India?

Answer. 3 tier Panchayati Raj System

7Q. What is the focus in a convex mirror?

Answer. positive

8Q. When is Tobacco Prohibition Day celebrated? ,

Answer. Wednesday, May 31

9Q. Where is Hirakud Dam located?

Answer. Odisha, Mahanadi

10Q. In a concave mirror, the focus is positive or negative?

Answer. positive

11Q. Where does the process of digestion begin first?

Answer. in the mouth

12Q. What is the atomic number of calcium?

Answer. 20 Atomic Number

13Q. When did the 73rd constitutional amendment take place?

Answer. 1993

RRB Group D 12 September All Shift Question Paper:

14Q. Which soil is found in Maharashtra Gujarat?

Answer. black soil founded

15Q. Where is Rock Garden located?

Answer. Chandigarh location

16Q. Where is the Hornbill Festival celebrated?

Answer. Nagaland

17Q. Article 23 is related to?

Answer. Article 23 of Indian Constitution Human, Begar (Child Labour)

18Q. The value of concave mirror is always taken as?

Answer. negative

19Q. Small scale industries on the recommendation of which committee?

Answer. Abid Hussain Nayak Committee in 1997

20Q. In the basic duty which duty is to protection the national flag tricolor?

Answer. 51(a) 1

21Q. What type of soil is found in western parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka?

Answer. Black soil in western parts

22Q. Who increased Jainism the most?

Answer. Mahavir Swami

RRB Group D 12 September All Shift Question Paper Analysis:

23Q. How many levels of Panchayati Raj have been formed in India under the 73rd Constitutional Amendment?

Answer. three tier

24Q. From where do babies get nutrition in the womb?

Answer. Umbilical Cord

25Q. What is formed from the ovum?

Answer. of seed

26Q. HCl + CuSO4—————-> ?????

Answer. H2SO4+ CuCl

27Q. Urdu is the second official language of which state?

Answer. Ans Pradesh (1989)

28Q. Who gave the real form to Jainism?

Answer. Mahavir Swami

29Q. How many times does a normal person exhale every minute?

Answer. A normal person exhales OVER 15 to 18 times every minute.

30Q. Which is the first disease whose data was published in February 2022?

Answer. Tuberculosis (TB)

31Q. Where was India's first open rock museum built?

Answer. Hyderabad Location

32Q. In which year India is estimated to be at the top in the air sports policy?

Answer. 2030 Year

33Q. When was the 73rd constitutional amendment implemented?

Answer. April 24, 1993

RRB Group D 12 September All Shift Question Paper Analysis:

34Q. Where did DK Korbe set up the Girls' School in 1896?

Answer. Pune

35Q. Which article of the Indian Constitution is related to the national anthem?

Answer. Article 51A

36Q. What is the formula of electric power?

Answer. P = VI

37Q. Which catalyst is used in CO + 2H2 —> CH3OH

Answer. zinc oxide and chromium oxide

38Q. What is the formula of aluminium?

Answer. Al

39Q. Who has received the Ramanujam Award 2022?

Answer. Neena Gupta

40Q. By what can we know the heat in a conductor?

Answer. EN^2RT

41Q. First female cricketer to play World Cup 6 times?

Answer. Mithali Raj

42Q. Which dam built on Damodar river is disputed

Answer. Tilaiya Dam

43Q. When was the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana started?

Answer. August 2014

44Q. What will happen if HCL reacts with CU?

Answer. HCI+ Cu H2 + CuCl2

45Q. When was Maulana Azad National Urdu Urdu University established?

Answer. nineteen ninety eight

46Q. What was the height of PSLV C52?

Answer. 44 mts (meters)

47Q. In which state is Indrani Medical City?

Answer. Pune, Maharashtra, India

48Q. Who has won the men's singles title of Yonex Sunrise India Open, 2022?

Answer. Lakshya Sen 2022

49Q. In which state Utkal Diwas is celebrated?

Ans. IN Odisha was celebrated

50Q. Which campaign has been launched by the government for the upliftment of the children of 6 to 14 years?

Answer. flown

Railway Group D Exam 12 September 2022 question answers for all shifts together:

51Q. Who won the gold medal in the 62 kg category in CWG-2022

Answer. Meera Bai Chanu

52Q. Which of these fairs is held in Jammu and Kashmir?

Answer. Bhavani

53Q. Who is the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs?

Answer. Prahlad Joshi

54Q. Where does emulsification of fat take place?

Answer. small intestine

55Q. The scheme to open an account in the bank which was run by the government.

Answer. Jan Dhan Yojna

56Q. Where is the head quarter of ICAR?

Answer. New Delhi

57Q. What is the addition of oxygen and removal of hydrogen called?

Answer. oxidation

58Q. Article related to fundamental rights?

Answer. Article 40

59Q. Where is Venuban Bihar located?

Answer. Tripura

60Q. When was Maulana Azad University established?

Answer. 970 AD

61Q. If white light falls on a prism, then it splits into how many colours?

Answer. in 7 colors

62Q. A wire AB is given, it is divided into three parts and the ratio of resistance is 1:2:3, then what will be the ratio of potential difference?

Answer. 1:2:3

63Q. How many people will be given employment in 14 sectors of the Product Link Incentive Scheme in 2022?

Answer. 70 lakhs

64Q. Under which scheme of India, UNICEF has signed an agreement for the upliftment of the girl child?

Answer. girl child upliftment scheme

65Q. How can people living nearby help in Namami Ganga Yojana?

Answer. without littering around

66Q. How much has increased in Paheli five year plan?

Answer. 3.6%

67Q. The fundamental duty is taken from the constitution of which country?

Answer. USSR( Russia)

68Q. After how many years the Panchayat elections are held?

Answer. 5 year

69Q. What is the valency of Group-2 element in the periodic table?

Answer. 2

70Q. Where was the FIDE Chess Olympiad 2022 organized?

Answer. Tamil Nadu

71Q. What happens when you go from left to right in Mendeleev's periodic table?

Answer. atomic weight will increase

72Q. Which festival is celebrated in Goa?

Answer. sao joao

73Q. If two resistance R1 and R2 are in series then what will be the equivalent resistance?

Answer. R1 + R2

74Q. Where did ISRO test Gaganyaan's cryogenic engine test for 720 seconds?

Answer. Tamil Nadu

75Q.Zn + H2SO4————> ??????

Answer. ZnSO4 + H2

76Q. What will be the mass number of carbon?

Answer. 12

77Q. From when to when was the 12th five year plan?

Answer. 2012-2017

78Q. Why does the sky appear black when viewed from space?

Answer. due to lack of atmosphere

79Q.Which scheme was launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in 2022 to take the girl child back to education?

Answer. girl education admission festival

80Q. Which river is called the sorrow of Bihar?

Answer. Kosi

81Q. When George V came to India, when did he change the capital Calcutta to Delhi?

Answer. 1911 Year

82Q. Which hockey goalkeeper was given the Major Dhyan Chandra Award in 2021?

Answer. P R sreejesh

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