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What was Operation Blue Star


What was Operation Blue Star

     Operation blue star was a military operation order by PM, it was launched in response to a deteriorating law and order situation in punjab, sikh militants who were demanding a separate state of their own, were amassing weapons in the golden temple at amritsar, operation was carried out by the army with tank and armored vehicles to flush out the militants, the entire operation lasted ten days, it started and ended in 1984, though operation blue star was a success, it created a lot of controversy and the government came in for a lot of criticism for the manner in which it was carried out, the party swept to victory in the national parlimentary elections based on the defeat of pakistan, and the slogan of Garibi Hatao, her opponent in the election charged her with corruption and electoral malpractice, the high court of allahabad ruled in favor of raj narain, however refused to step down from PM despite wide spread unrest following the verdict instead, she had the president declare a state of emergency in india, during the police were given powers to impose curfews and civilian freedom was limited, Gandhi arrested and jailed politicial activists, state of emergency ended when gandhi called new elections in 1977, in that election the congress party and gandhi were defeated.

Morarji Defeated become PM of India:

     Desai was teh first non congress PM of India, he had played an active role in Indias freedom struggle, and had even gone to jail for the noble cause, he as a memmber of the congress party and in 1967 desai joined Gandhi's cabinet as deputy PM and minister in charge of Finance where ever after the split in the congress party he parted ways with indira gandhi, desai led a coalition of different parties called the janata party to victory in the elections of 1977. Janata party consisted of political leaders and activists of various political parties who had been united in opposing state of emergency, landslide victory desai became PM and headed the government from end to end, which is now in Gujarat, he joined civil service in Gujarat in 1918 and started working as a deputy collector, he left his job under the british in 1924 to join the civil disobedience movement for this he as thrown into prison several times during the freedom struggle, it took active participation in satyagraha under gandhi.

     Desai became a member of the all india congress committee in 1931 and rose to position of secretary of the Gujarat Pradesh congress committee until 1937, when the first congress government was set up in bombay province in 1937, desai became the minister of revenue, agriculture forest and cooperative under B.G Kher, after independence he was appointed as the CM of Bombay state in 1956, he became the minister of commerce and industry and later the finance minister in the union government, desai was devoted gandhian but he opposed the views of Nehru, he was regarded as a strong contender for the next indian PM post due to his increasing popularity in congress party, however in the 1964 elections after, once again a contender for the post of PM, but lost to Indira Gandhi.

Steps taken by Desai as Prime Minister:

     The first thing desai did as PM was to withdraw the state of emergency, under the leadership, government cancelled some of the legislations passed during emergency and thereafter made it difficult for any other government to impose emergency in the future, minister of railways took back the railway employees who had been dismissed after the may 1974 strike, government also proceeded to establish enquiry commissions to investigate allegations and human rights, during Gandhi tendure, as a PM Desai primary achievements were of improving relations with pakistan and restoring political relations with China.

     Charan Singh was the deputy PM in Desai government he was also the leader of the Bharatiya Lok Dal, which was a major player of the Janta coalition, his party withdrew support to morarji government and supported in this move by the congress party led by desai, thus forced to step down and charan singh became the PM, he could be the PM for just 24 days because Gandhi withdrew her support Charan Singh hold the record of being the only PM of India who did not face the Lok Sabha even for a single day fresh elections were held six months later and Gandhi became the PM again.

     Gandhi became PM under tragic circumstances, his mother was the PM was assassinator on 31st october 1984, she was sworn in as PM that was elected leader of the congress party a few days later, soon after he took charge, he asked the president to dissolve the Lok Sabha which had completed its five year term and hold fresh elections in that election congress captured a record 401 seats out of 508, Rajiv was once again sworn as PM of the nation, at 40, and it was the youngest PM of india, perhaps even one of the youngest elected heads of government in the world. In childhood was very different from that of ordinary children, he as just three when india became independent and his grandfather became PM, his parents move to New Delhi from Lucknow his father, Gandhi spent his early childhood with his grandfather at Teen Murti Bhavani where Gandhi served as the PM hostess, he studied at Welham boys school in Dehradun, and then went on to the Doon School, he went to London and studied Mechanical Engineering at Campridge University.

Politics in Gandhi Family

     Politcs as a career had never interested Rajiv Gandhi, according to his classmates his bookshelves were lined with volumes on science and engineering not works on philosphy, politcs or history, brother Sanjay away in an air, that more or less pushed Rajiv in politics, there was a great deal of pressure in him to help his mother, who was at that time, facing many internal and external challenges he resisted these pressures at first but later given in, he soon became the president of the Indian youth congress, when india hosted the asian games, Gandhi was entrusted with the task of getting all the work completed on time and ensuring that themselves were conducted without any flaws, he fulfilled this difficult task with quiet efficiency and smooth coordination, at the same time as general secretary of congress, he started streamlining and energizing the party organization and his strengths became evident when he had to face great challenges later on in life.    

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