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What is Panchsheel

The term "Panchsheel" comes from the Sanskrit words "panch," which means five, and "sheel," which means virtue. The first principle is to respect each other's territorial boundaries and sovereignty; the second is to pursue non-aggression; the third is not to interfere in domestic affairs; the fourth emphasizes equality and mutual benefit; and the fifth and final principle is to ensure peaceful coexistence by observing all the previous principles. When Nehru was Prime Minister, he

The state integration decisions made by Nehru are remarkable:

     The rulers of many of the princely states were not enthusiastic about merging their kingdoms into independent India or Pakistan, insisted that they had the right to join either India to remain independent or to form a union of their own, eventually though, nearly all the princely states agreed to accede to India and become part of Nehrus dream of new republic, refuse to reorganize states on either religious or lines but insisted that states must be formed on basis. Throughout his life, Nehru never missed a

     His works include Discovering India, which is his most well-known book, and Glimpses of World History, which gives a view of world history. His letters to his daughter Indira, which he wrote while he was in jail, were compiled into a book called "Letters from a Father to His Daughter." Another of his books is An Autobiography with Musings on Recent Events in India. Many of his speeches have also been published in book form. His uniqueness as an imaginative writer with

Nehru Viewed as Incredible Speaker:

     We made a tyrst with destiny and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge not wholly full measure, but very substantially, at the stroke of the mightnight hours, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom have become truly immortal, Nehru's most famous speech is the Tryst with Destiny address to the constituent assembly of India in New Delhi on the midnight. When the mood and occasion moved him, eloquence took wing in limpid often 

     He was the acting Prime Minister of India twice, the first time after, and his terms ended after the ruling Indian National Congress parliamentary party elected a new Prime Minister. He will always be remembered for his honesty and simplicity, and for the fact that he came to the helm of government during two extremely sensitive situations, it was just recovering from the war with China, while Lal Bahadur, preceded by the war with Pakistan, outstanding steered the country efficiently and safely through the difficult times. Even though they disagreed on some issues

Nanda is regarded as a great legislator:

     Nanda's distinguished political career began when he was elected to the Bombay legislative assembly in 1937. After India gained independence in March 1950, Nanda joined the Indian planning commission as its vice chairman and was made planning minister in the Indian government. In the general elections, he was elected to the lok sabha from Bombay and reelected from Gujarat in 1962. He also served his country as Union Minister for Labor, employment, and planning minister for home affairs and the PM. Nanda was

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