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The Ladder of Eighty Four Lives

     The rise and fall of the series of births and rebirths of man may be compared to ladder or staircase, having eighty four steps as the maximum, when the soul first descends from the should world they have goodness, purity and good qualities in them and are therefore in their golden age, they take eight births in all in the golden age, the reign of shri Lakshmi and shri narayana and their sun dynasty and have all good things that this world has descend along these stairs to the silve age which also is of 1250 years duration like that of the golden age, their stage of purity peace and prosperity has by now lessened by two degrees, in this age there is reign of shri sita and shri rama and their moon dynasty, they take twelve births, for the average life span of a person in the silver age is 125 years whereas it was 15 years in the golden age, however both these epochs are characterized by satoguna.

     Then comes in copper age the period of rajoguna when worship of shiva, shankara, vishnu and other deities is started and temples are build at great cost to perpetuate their memory, during this epoch of 1250 years, the should takes twenty one births in all, kind and the subjects in this age are no longer worship worthy deity like as they were in the golden age and the silver age, they have now become worshippers of their own ancestors and their own previous forums even.

     This is followed by the iron age during which toguna pervades into the world, now the worship of imaginary gods, the fire, the tree, water etc, also takes place and people become extremely body conscious and irreligious, religious conference are held but to no avail, it is at such a point of time that the advent of god the knowledge, peaceful, blissful and almighty father, takes place, he redeemer takes all souls back to the world of liberated should through yoga or though expiation and chastisement of souls at the hands of the divine adjudicator, that time has no come, he the worlds beloved father is now teaching easy rajyoga to purify the souls and enable them to have peace, huge destruction of the world a nuclear world war is round the corner.

     A human should does not transmigrate into 84 lacks of species if always transmigrates into human species and takes 84 lives at the maximum, man is deity at one end of this ladder case of life and he is a devil at the other end, when he becomes utterly degenerate, god the holiest of the holy, descends to purify and uplift man back to deityhood, environmental pollution, nuclear war, population and natural calamities are soon going to burst out in this world which has become veritable hell, knowledge and yoga make the only bridge leading to the heaven the world of purity, peace and prosperity, as science has enabled man to yoke material resources to better use, yoga enables man to yoes mans mind to better moral values which are necessary for a happy life.

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