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The Great Pyramid of Giza - Engineering Marvel

Egyptian civilization is understood interns of factors, pyramids sphinx calendar periodic occurrence of flood due to nile, one of the greatest wonders from ancient civilization greatest spinx, spinx is a mythical animals that has the head of human and with the body of lion spinx became part of Egyptian religion and many spinx were made, its made in 26th century, face has the features of the king, in course of time it underwent great damages, pyramids of large dimensions were made usually the dead bodies of kinds, preserved in them, nile is the important place on the side of which pyramids are constructed, monumental gigantic in size with square type base, four wallpaper to top on the four sides of square type, had a strong belief of rebirths, they carry dead ornaments pyramid and close it, delay description of pyramids civilization could be understood from pyramid.

     Primitive man lived innocently moves like animals, slowly he was accustomed to observe the nature, moments of sun, moon, periodical change in nature, tamed animals and learn agriculture hunting lead to invent tools and aids, construction of houses localities, writes expansion of family size and needs slowly minding the necessities distribution work to the other fellow men, with experience he cam to know counting, to count he has to derive the improvise aids and techniques, leads to mathematics, by collecting stones to the number of people items, he started counting by making knots in rope, number of knots indicate no of items, larges units are made by keeping certain fixed number items, he made symbols to represent number items, denotes, he used his fingers counting purposes.

     Our ancient sagers, seers were endowed with vision through concentration thought of any topic, starting from words, sentences, phonetics, science of speech, sciences, mathematics, geography, geology, space, astrophysics, astronomy, under water animals and also subjects like architecture, they have mastered all such knowledge and have also formulated many rules, statements, regarding them, they are blessed with knowledge about the system working in various types of life and most important of all these about the human supremacy over the rest of creation and hence how to such supremacy is very well demonstrated studies practiced and pass on to the generation after generation through vedic literature, which every human being should feel proud of.

     One of the topics in which we are interested here to being about into the public awareness is the various concepts of mathematical working which were adopted by our seers, its really astonishing in it simplicity, elegance, having comprehensive outlook and exhaustive entry into various topics in mathematics, here we shall concentrate on the explanation, working methodology, models, operand through a set of sixteen mathematical sutras and thirteen sutras as pronounced by jagadguru sri puri sankaracharya bharatee, who lived upto 1960, it his education in M.A.Engineering, philosophy, mathematics, English, he could give an explanation to various sutras which are said to have been found in Atharva Veda actually applied to solve these sutras are different topics in mathematics such multiplication, recurring decimals analysis, conics, Pythagoras theorem and many search topics, paving wave to pobe into methods of advanced topics as well.

     It is really interesting to go through various methods which could be explained interims of 16 sutras and 13 sub sutras found in Aethravana Veda, there is only one book which is available with worked out examples, applicable in solving problems in the sense that the problems can be solved, solvable much easier by inspection by symmetry than the western undoubtedly sharpen the brain, promotes enthusiasm to work and thus paves way into creative work as well. the first is by means of multiplication by 2 which is the Ekadika Purva, that is the number which is just one more than the penultimate digit in this case, here we can guess that last digit of the answer is found to be, for the relevant rule hereon stipulates that the product of the last digit of the denominator and the last digit of the decimal equivalent of the fraction in question must invariably end in 9, its automatically follows the last digit of the decimal equivalent is found to be one, so that the product of the multiply and concerned many and in 9.

     There start with 1 as the last digit of the answer and proceed left ward continuously multiplying by 2, than the penultimate digit of the denominator until the repetition of whole operation stares us in the face and intimate to us what we are dealing with recurring decimal and may there for put of the usual recurring marks and stop further multiplication work.

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