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Spiritual Race of Rajyoga

    When a person is not there, his relatives and friends say, he has left for his heaven abode, it has become only customary to say this, who has do not perhaps really mean it, else why should they pray to god for giving to the departed should the peace of mind, mourning, condolence meeting, the celebration of anniversaries, epitaphs on the graves, all these indicate that in the heart of their hearts, people do not believe that the departed should has left for heaven abode, the reason is obvious before leaving this world of mortals, has become divine in his nature habits, dealing, behavior outlook, he alone can be considered to be deserve person for an bode in heaven.

     In other words it can be said that in order to be redeemed from the sufferings of this present day world, which has all the character of hell, one has to make such efforts as liberate him from the five major evils, one has to participate in the spiritual race, anger greed, attachment and ego as the big hurdles he has to cross over in one jump pass safely and without receiving any burns, through of anger, pass undeterred and unsawayed by the lure of gold, cross out of the net of attachment and get over pride to reach the ever green garden of heaven many a man falter or fall on the way but he who had a loveful link, with god reaches the top, he enters the portals of heaven with great eclat and ecstasy.

     It is wrong to believe that there are some deities in the heaven who control our destiny and on whose whims our fate depends, heaven and hell are of own making, we are who make or mar our own future, our future depends on our present actions, so let us be holy and yogi now to be deities of heaven in the next life, further it is wrong to believe that the heaven is located in the moon or in some other planet or even above the astral regions, that which is above the astral regions is the world of the subtle deities, brahma, Vishnu and Shankara, but "heaven" Or Paradise is the name of this human world when it is in the golden age, the era of complete purity, peace and prosperity which is now being re-established through gods knowledge and rajyoga.

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