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Raja Yoga Habits Divine Virtues

      In the world as it is today man acts more according to his second nature his acquire habits than according to his original nature he even desires to be release from some of his habits but the voice of his original nature which had its footing in purity his become feeble, will power to resist urge has become weak and the path to freedom from these is not known to him, let us discuss about the habit of smoking and about bad habit, why does take these, if we go into the causes we will find that mental depression is one of the causes, in order to forget for a while, clear understand that by taking to these habits, he is not only going life long slavery to these habits but that these would constantly drain his purse, make him adopt the escapist attitude to life, impair his nervous system, affect his lungs, cause him diseases, like bronchitis and pollute the atmosphere, set bad example unto others lead him to various and also set great obstacles in his path to spiritual elevation.

     One should know that mans pleasure in fact depends not upon the objects he takes but on his mental tastes and that escapism by means of intoxicants does not solve problems as a pigeon does not gain safety by closing its eyes when it sees a cat advancing towards it and the urge to take medicine, like being carried away by witch one would consider these drinks as not only vain but positively things, one who does not get love from ones kith and kin, should know that god alone constantly gives unselfish love, if one has weak will power one should now that just as battery is recharges with help of dynamo, will power is generated by rajyoga, its acts according to above guidelines, he knows that to a person whose ship of life has met with against the rocks of habits, rescue boats of divine knowledge, life buoys of gods love, bliss and will power.

     Divine qualities that make a man a gentle and noble man and enables a person become a great yogi, divine virtues give mans spiritual strength and peace and enable him to serve other truly and thus near and dear to them and to god, cheerfulness stands high among these, as a flower spreads its fresh fragrance all round in the atmosphere a smile on mans face cheers up the spirit of others who come in his sphere, thus cheerful man does silent service to others, tolerance and patience too are sterling qualities, they give to mans mind strength of steel, like seat cushions to serve as shock absorbers in life, one who has three traits can withstand great hardships and bumps, sweetness of language and temper is another great virtue, one who discerns only the good qualities of others, is a man of great merit, as a bee conflicts sweetness from flowers so does a man who has an eye for others, merits, gathers good points, and he himself also becomes a store of sweetness like a honey comb.

     Humility is another high quality, one who thinks himself to be a humble man is considered by others to be a great man or saint, king wearing crown, rules over this kingdom only, but a man having humility though without a crown, is a king in his own right his kingdom knows not the barriers of territory, for he rules over the hearts of men of all ages, fearlessness saves man from worries, causes man pain as much as a persons being hanged on the gallows feels, thus he lives a care free life as against coward who, as saying goes, dies many times before death, contentment is of very great merit, man who is contented is rich than the wealthiest man in the world for he is not riding the wild horse of unfulfilled wishes, he considers the points of gods knowledge as so many gems being showered on him by god and looks upon his righteous action and his yoga as the great pleasure.

     Self confidence is undeniably a very important quality that one needs to have so as to attain success in any great task, it is this quality that enables man to consider a mountain as molehill whereas one that enables lack in this quality looks upon a mole hill as mountain, straightforwardness enables man to fit better in society, people do not have to be afraid of his intrigues, on the other hand crooked man is like that nail which has many bends, service to others and the spirit of renunciation are qualities that makes man truly great and happy, man who have other qualities but lacks in these, flower which lacks in fragrance, many other divine virtues come to yogi as he establishes a link with god who is the personal source of these, confidence gives man stability, contentment gives constant joy, gives freedom from the gallows of and worries, humility begets love and others decrement of virtues in others gives sweetness, tolerance works like absorbing springs, work as beauty, brings grace and service things fragrance, virtues are attained through yoga, it is these virtues that makes a yogi different from an ordinary man and take him near god.

     Raja yoga brings to man the power to wind raw from the body to wind up ones thoughts to tolerate to accommodate others who differ with us, to judge the merits and demerits of things, to distinguish between right and wrong, to face odds and to cooperate with others in uphill tasks, these powers make like holy and happy, these eight and many more spiritual power make a yogi sees his path and work his way and be happy.

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