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Powers Through Yoga

     Practice of rajyoga or communion with god brings into the soul many spiritual powers, of these eight are very important, power to withdraw is one of these, yogi can act like a tortoise which spreads out its organs or drawns them in at a will, power to wind up is another one, yogi is not like those whose mind is scattered over the wide world and who is so much drawnout to men and matters that he is unable to sleep or to detach himself at his well, yogi can wind up his thoughts whenever he wills, yoga develops mans power of toleration, yogi tolerates all verbal attacks on him and does good even to those who offer brickbats to him as trees offer fruits to those who pelt stones at them.

     Practice of yoga makes man broad minded also, it gives one the ability of accommodate others even as a sea embraces rivulets into it, one also gets through yoga the great power of decision, yogi can take correct and quick decision, he also acquires the power to distinguish between right and wrong or good and bad persons as an expert jeweler can easily distinguish the false from the pure diamonds. yoga also develops in him the power to endure hardship adversities, like the death of those on whom one depends may come and high storms may rage strongly yet his flame of equanimity does not get extinguished, yogi also develops in himself the spirit of cooperation, great achievement because if everyone gives his little finger society could lift great mountains.

     Evidently these powers are not only personal benefits but are necessary for building good society, these qualities help build better relations with all, help in one profession in the sphere of home and in enabling man to be at peace with himself, history of this world is depicted here in the form of a geneaological called the kalpa tree, on its trunk is first shown the golden age and then the silver age each having the duration of 1250 years, during the period there was only one practical religion characterized by complete vicelessness, and peace the sovereigns and the people of that era are known as devatas, it was the first and shri sita and shri rama were the first holy sovereigns in the lunar dynasty in the silver age.

     Gradually there has been a decline in purity so that in the beginning of the copper age, anger, greed etc accompanies by peacelessness made their first appearance though in a very mild form, happened because by and by people had become body conscious, now various religions began to be established Abraham, buddha christ, shankaracharya and mohammed established their respective religions, scriptures were written, worship performed in various ways, temples, churches, mosques were built and pilgrimages of holy places came into vogue, in course of time these religions, branches of kalpa, got split up into sub branches so that there was now internal strife and hatred.

    Then came the iron age with more and more decay in moral values, religion had got transformed into rituals has become mostly theoretical by now, now the world has reached the stage of complete, today USA and russia with other nuclear power houses have built up a great stock of nuclear weapons which in combination with natural calamities and civil wars, are ready in the near future, there will be great destruction of the world, know this story of man from age to age, we should now make sincere efforts to transform ourselves into deities, for we have now the direct guidance of god shiva the perfect guru and the yogeshwara for he has now taken corporeal medium to bring about the golden age in the world, time we are now passing through, is known as the auspicious, amritvela brahm muhurta, we can let this pass only at a grave, recurring loss to ourselves.

     The world grows like a tree, in the golden age and silver age, there is only one religion the deity religion, all are holy or deities by nature, so there is peace love and prosperity in full measure, later body consciousness and vice appear and various religion and their off shoots also appear, degeneration continues till the end of iron age, when mans acts lead the world to destruction through nuclear war, the world is no on death bed, all have heavy load of sins on their head, nuclear warheads are hanging like the word of Damocles from a slender thread its time that we take to yoga and make ourselves and the world free of mental pollution, man because of his wrong says, has brought the world on the brink of destruction, raja yoga is the only hope of man and this is the time to practice for the benefit of the world.

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