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Postures of a Rajayogi

Raja yoga which is yoga in the real sense of term, requires the practice of mental, not physical postures, what is meant by mental postures can best be explain by comparison with the postures in hatha yoga, for example practices the lotus posture physically compare to his, raj yoga makes his mind like a lotus, that is to say that the raja yoga discharges his worldly responsible without his mind getting polluted by the evils of this world, hatha yogi tries to balance his body on his head, keep the head or mind balanced is more important than balance his head, not given outbursts of fits of anger, frustration or worries, there is little cause for getting any disease.

     Similarly hatha yogi practice shava asana after and before every asana, rajyogi on other hand repeatedly takes his mind into the realm of dead silence and withdraws himself from the body, just as the soul does when it finally departs from its mortal coil, like a tortoise does he winds up his senses away from their objects, and his mind also at that time ceases to think of the worldly objects, rajayogi takes certain mental postures in another sense also, take the case of man who thinks that his particular right has been denied to him, becomes angry and in order to redress his grievance take to harsh language and unpleasant ways and thus, causes disturbance to others, but rajyogi who also knows what his rights are, mind not only his rights but he also minds whether what he is doing is right.

Rajayogi Behaves

     Again rajyogi knows that being a slave to gluttony, to other kinds of sense gratification is like being a puppet in the hands of the great temptress that is maya, he refrains from this, someone misbehaves he does not get provoked but treats him with pity thinking that the latter is mentally sick, these and such others are the mental postures which a rajyogi takes to so that he can lead a holy, healthy and happy life, by means of these postures, disappointment nervous tension, mental pollution, various foibas, complexes nervous and the like, he fees that he is blessed and lucks and has inner satisfaction, there is no person in this world who at some given point of time, has no mood at all, it has been found that the negative moods not only cause uneasiness to the person but they also effect his health and disturb the atmosphere around him, for there is need of knowing the art which enables one to keep happy always and in positive moods.

     Art of yoga enables one to achieve this object, but how it has to be noted that the method of practice of rajayoga is based on positive thoughts which give noble sentiments and a happy mood for the saying goes, as you think so shall you become, instance man thinks that he is week, his lack of confidence, himself makes him tremble in the face of a difficult situation, gives the clue to what method one should adopt in order to have right type of moods, namely that one has to change thoughts from negative to positive ones, exact what rajyoga does his positive thoughts, of the world, hopes about the future, this can be illustrated by the following example.

Rajayogi Concentration

   Suppose person feels nervous in some situations because he thinks that he is unequal to the difficult and has no one to help him to sympathize with him, to cooperate with him, now this feeling fritters away his thought power all the more and distracts this attention away from the problem so that, even before he has given good fight to the problem, he has surrendered his arms completely and thus denied to himself even a trail, the way of yogi is however different, he has the firm faith that god is his infallible companion and his unfailing helpmate and since god is almighty and invincible, he believes that even the remote question of his getting defeated does not rise, now the faith works like many horse powers of energy, he is able to push his cause and put maximum strength with all the will power and concentration at his command, it has been found that in many cases he succeeds.

    This is not to deny that in certain cases man of god, yogi also faces failures but his faith in gods companion hood gives to him the inner strength to withstand that harm easily and without any feelings of unhappiness, it will be found that the thoughts that yogi has in his mind are positive, feels joys, relax and introvert and acts with equanimity confidence and tranquity and does not lose his humor.

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