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List of Some Important Discoveries of Society

     Tractor was discovered in the year 1900 by American Scientist Holt, useful for plonghing large area of land in short time, Radio was discovered by Marconi in 1901, used for sending communication to distant places with in one time, Xrays were discovered by Roenitzen in 1901, Xrays are taken using electromagnetic equipment which are used to diagnose and cure some internal diseases, Aero plane was discovered by orville wright, wilbur wright in 1903, its used for quick transportation of people etc, from one place to another place, jet engine was discovered in 1930 by Whittle of Britian.

     Rocket engine was introduced in 1929 by C.Yelonowsky of USSR and RH Goddard of germany which is used as transport vehicle in the spalce

     Xray tube was discovered by coolidze in 1906 which is an instrument to produce xrays artifically

     In 1907 Harie Machines company discovered washing machine which is used to wash and dry the cloths

    Backelite which is plastic was started by Let H Checkland in 1907 which is used to manufacture electrical goods, switches, plug sockets

     Georges claude discovered Neon Lamp in 1910 used in Aeroplane and Ships whose light can be seen to far off distances

     In 1911 Carlet discovered Air conditioner to resulate the temperature of the surroundings as per the requirement

     Scooter was started in 1919 by Grevelli Bradshaw which is road transporting two wheeler of wide used by middle class people

     Radar, an instrument used to locate any ship or a space vehicle using radio waves was discovered in 1922 by Albert H Taylor

     In 1924 Etena Voy machine started Helicopter which is used in war force and to view the activities going around the world

     Television was discover by Baird in 1926 which is an instrument used to view the activities going around the world

     Pencillin was rules in 1928 by Alexander Flemming which is an Antibiotic used to control diseases effectively

     Xerox was discovered by JC Brainard which is programmable electronics device for performing calculations and other symbol manipulation tasks, quickly and accurately computer is widely applied in science, engineering, medicine, space, communication

     Satellite was owned by Russians in 1957 launched in space for surveying weather forecast, telecommunications

     Laser was discovered by Gardon Gould and Theoder Maimen, its light beam which can reach for off places even by passing though the obstacles

     Synthetic genes were discovered by Hara Govind Khorana in 1970 used to control genetic diseases through biotechnology

     Blood groups were discovered in 1900 by land steiner which play an important role during blood circulation

     Electrocardiograph was started by Enthoven in 1906 which is instrument used to record the pulstions of the heart in the form of a graph

     Dialyser was discover by Caraf in 1944, its an instrument used to purify the blood when kidneys stop functioning

     Artificial Heard was discovered by Michael Bakery in 1963, its an electronical instrument used in lines of the failure of the function of the heart

     Test tube baby was introduced by Steno and Edwards in 1978, its germ cells in test tube and implanting the zygote in the would of the further development

     Streptomycin was discovered in 1944 by Salmon Walksman, its a medicine used to solve parastic disease such as tuberculoses

     Polio Mycetes was introduced by Ander Veller, Robin in 1954, this helped in preparing polio drops to prevent the infection of polio

     Contraceptive medicine was started by pinus in 1955 to prevent the formation and development of the embryo

     Steel was introduced by Henry Bessmer in 1913 which is used in making all utensils industrial equipment, surgical instrument because will not be rusted.

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