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How to Practice Yoga

     Sit in any easy posture, feel yourself relaxed, take your mind to the should world, Brahmloka which is far beyond the moon,the sun and the stars, tere you see with the eye of your mind goldish-red light, called Brahm, present everywhere and it you see a brilliant and conscient point of light, called god shiva, the world father, radiating divine light, might, peace, bliss and love in all directions stabilize your mind on him and considering yourself as a soul and god shiva as your most beloved father, feel that beam of light, might, peace surrounding you and descending on you and feel yourself as though bathing in that light and peace.

     Keeping your mind focused there, mediate thus i am a soul a conscient twinkling star, point of light, radiating light in all directions, shiva baba, thou art my most beloved father, teacher, guide and saviour, thou art knowledgeful, peaceful, blissful, loveful and almighty, i am really fortunate to have known, thee and to have mental link with thee, i have now become thine baba, and will obey all they commands and thus be a great yogi and holy person, i will pass on this light and might and peace and bliss, which i am getting from thee to all souls in all directions, meditating thus, get immersed in the experience, be all light, peace, bliss and love, drink deep into the bliss, love god profoundly thinking him to be the one from whom you had strayed but whom you have found now after a long time, he being the one, who loves you truly and who is the most sincere friend, most dependable helpmate and the most infallible guide, if any worldly thought in your mind again start and meditation thus, i am a soul a twinkling star, eternal and immortal, pure and peaceful in my original nature, i am a child of god, shiva baba, think and thou art mine and get absorbed again into bliss and love, this heightened consciousness will enable you to feel relaxed refreshed, purified, elevated and recharged.

     Snatch few moments every now and then out of your busy hours and meditate thus, you will feel happy, alert, energized and active, practice this early in the morning, then again after bath, the evening for sometime and in the night before sleep, the more you practice, the happier and holier you will be.

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