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How did Copernicus Prove his Theory


Nicolaus Copernicus a polish astronomer, mathematician, scientist, physician, priest adn states men realized that complex motions of planets could be readily explained by holding the sun, earths and planets move in orbits about that dazzling stars, it took 150 years to accept this notion, in the town of Torun in Poland at the age of eighteen Nicolaus entered the university at Cracow Poland attended classes that encompassed philosophy astronomy geometry and geography, study of astronomy was of great significance at that time, he studies in various place finally received Doctor of Laws degree from the university Ferrara in 1503, after finishing his studies at the age of thirty three went to Poland to take care of his ailing uncle the Bishop Waczenrode.


     Copernicus took the astronomical measurements of had poor instruments, were no more accurate than Greeks, as a result of the mathematical and philosophy fromulations of the theorem of universe the world marks him as a giant, to begin a genius, was appointed professor of mathematics at the unit of written berg, he was welcomed by Copernicus with the association for a period of 2 years, to publish his findings, the result is the book entitled, at presently shortened to revolutions Copernicus set up a general picture of the universe hits the sun at the Centre and the earths revolving as a planet about the sun, he explained reasons for seasons.


     The erratic motions of the planets sometimes moving forward and sometimes moving backwards, he explained how motions were quite regular, sun is considered the center of the moments of the planets, he gave detail account of the motions of the earth, moon and planets and also showed that earth need not be center of the universe, wrote a look suggesting that all the polish states should have the same coins when Copernicus proposed the helio centric theory of the planetary system, he was called fool by religious leaders inversion ordered that should be punished, he escapes the wrath by concealing his book, revolution in science began in Europe with Copernicus in 1540 when he suggested the theory of sun as the center of solar system.


     He published a book on the motions of the sun and the planets, this he showed that all the changing relations of these bodies can be most simply explain by theory, the proof was given in Prindpia of newton, the same year William Shakespeare to the wife a wool merchant in pisa, he mastered medicine mathematics, he worked as professor of mathematics in the university of phsa, also worked at pradua in venice, his fields of interest are physics mathematics and astronomy, he developed interest not only in education but also in music and poetry, he is no double a keen observer all the events in his life are very important while doing prayer in a church he minded the swings lead him to invention of simple pendulums, all the watches work on the principle of simple pendulums, he was always fair and dark, he used to speak facts, a man from royal family designed a machine for daring purposes Galileo declared boldly that the machine is useful, Jawa tried to dismiss him from a job, he has become famous for his research and lectures on motion and sun dial mechanics on stars in cosmos, it was who first observed the moved in 1610 with a telescope and the satellite was held attraction of telescope, early astronomers knew very little about stars and it was not until Galileo turned his telescope on the skies that they began to learn after wards people came to known eight stars, about comets were seen before Galileo first used a telescope to observe the heavens in 1609.

Galileo called Maria on the whole the surface of moon is rough, side towards earths way broken by several mountains these large several smooth areas are called as Maria by Galileo, the first experiment is writs pendulums or that of weights dropped from the learning tower of pysa, here and there his ingenuity in conceiving experiments flared up, when he tried to measure the velocity of light in order to ascertain whether its propagation was instant, he paved the way to many discovery, main contribution to the science was that of great teacher, he taught that mathematics measurements and reproduction of phenomena under control and specified conditions are essential to the study of nature, he made a final break from the tradition and led physics on a new path from which there has been no deviation, his thought experiments, his ability to use common experience his habit of logical thinking the concise of thought experiment are essential to the generation.


     First heirs in this tradition, in a clear and lively language he wrote or published two sciences in Netherlands in the form of conversation among three persons called salivary, it has been observed that describe curved path of some sort no one described, later he succeeded in proving, when he was twenty two year old he wrote Labilancetta, he indicated the end product obtained when metals, he explained natural motion

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