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Guilty Conscience Loaded Mind

     In his dealings with others everyone has done certain things which his conscience considers to have been wrong, unjust, unfair, or immoral, there is non who has never done anything stealthily, deceitfully, roughly, certainly have been occasions in life when one has been harsh or impolite to others or had ignoble feelings like that, words and deeds of man have caused suffering pain, unpleasant feeling, and one knows this consciously, this is great burden one is carrying on in ones mind, this sub consciously gives to man at times, mood of melancholy, despondency, desperation, guilty conscience affects ones present behavior also, man finds that without any apparent reason he feels in him lack of self confidence or tendency to be slack, pessimistic.

     One should know that all this is due to the impression of our past actions of thoughts left on our conscience or mind, so there is a dire need to erase off these impressions and acquire in their place positive mood, healthy and holy habits and sound and satwic tendencies, this is possible only through rajyoga, for in yoga practice one makes mental confession of his guilt unto god and thus is hidden feelings find expression without fear of any untoward reaction from any quarter, this lifts up a great burden from ones mind also meditation, of gods holy attributes acts as a helpful factor or a new song which erases the old song in magnetic tape there is no other way of doing this except through rajyoga.

     But we find that in India people, instead of taking to yoga, take to many rituals, when a man is on death bed and his sense of hearing is found to be going defunct, they recite to him verses from the gita and when his consciousness is ebbing out, they put into his mouth water from the river ganges and when soul, light has gone they light an earthen lamp to illumine his path, alas the man should have lit up his path by the torch of yoga while yet conscious and have taken sips of elixr of knowledge when yet alive.

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