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From Age to Divine Age

     Man today is unheedful of what effect his actions will have on others he has scant regard for the welfare of others, his insatiable greed has resulted in inhuman of others, in this he has gone even to the extend of depriving others of bare necessary, black marketing, hoarding, bribery, and others, hold no bar for him, he can overrate even such things as food stuff and spices and what are called life saving, he can sell spiritual medicines though it may injure the health of others, he even pollutes the atmosphere and the water sources through the industrial wastes chimney soot from the motor vehicles to the detriment to all, brief man is now living on brother man he has now become callous and cruel.

     His anger is now more wild than even the wild animals themselves though possessed with language and reason faculty he strikes head against head to settle his disputes, and his head has horns too and his hands have the claws too, he has spent astronomical high amounts to pile up atom and hydrogen and to civilize for the cannon with fodder through million of his brothers having nothing to them, one billion people are being added to the world every ten years with a great to the human race, yet man has his animal instinct in such high degree that he has surpassed all animals in this amorous and has even invented devices to avoid, births though they continue to indulge in his prurient habits, one can go on adding endlessly to the list of vices for man to day has become barbarous, hypocrite, he wants to deceive god even by blaring up his prayers by the use of microphone or by raise temples after making money through unfair means.

     Such being the state of society let us warn that the world is heading towards a major catastrophe through over population nuclear war, natural calamities, civil strife and environment pollution, but let it be notes that divine efforts are also going on to sow the seeds of divine world order by implanting divine quality in the mind of those who are willing to listen to their ways, those who would care would go Devine knowledge raja yoga and virtues to the divine world, in the present day world, if a man is asked to spend a few moments for the practice of rajyoga, he says unthoughtfully that he will do so when he was retired from his business he has grown old, this in fact is an unrealistic answer, one does never know with any certainty whether until then one will live at all, to explain this let us suppose that the average life span of a person is 60 years, out of this first five years as a childhood pass by in learning how to walk and talk and playing, let us suppose that up to the age of 16 years, he goes to school, on average spends about six hours in school and an hour and a half for going to and coming back from school and also an hour and a half for doing his home work, then that means that about 4 years tiem is spent on all this.

     Further he spends about 2 hours per day on TV, movies etc, during the period and about 4 hours per day on such things later we will have to add another six and a half years to the previous aggregate of 9 years, let us suppose that he enters into some profession from the age of 16 and spends about 10 hours a day on work and on to and fro, for 5 days a week, up to the age of 60, this would mean that he spends about 14 years out of 60 years of his life on earning his livelihood. add to this period of 18 years assuming that on average a man sleeps for about 8 hours a day, we have also to add to this the time man spends on taking his bath or his food, on shopping, visiting his friends, attending parties and functions and on recreation, picnics, calculate thus you will find that the total comes to be about 58 years, ou can now well imagine that if man does not spend small part of each day on practice yoga, then he will lost his precious little time without having bliss and without attain the goal of life.

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