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Education for Promoting Public Welfare

     Education for peace and moral well being, another distinguishing feature of this vishwa vidyalaya is that it gives utmost importance to character formation and to maintain peace there is a well known saying that if character is lost, everything is lost, additionally this vishwa vidyalaya believes that if peace is lost, everything else is meaningless and purposeless, by building character the root cause of mans social and economic evils, can be, so vishwa vidyalaya according to its principles should impart such knowledge and experience that enable a person to face obstacles of like in a calm, composed and confident manner and to stand like a rock in the midst of strong storms of circumstances, for only such a person can lead a life of inner satisfaction and kindle in other stable faith in goodness and only such a man brings honor to his nation.

     Education for promoting public welfare, braham kumaris vishwa vidyalaya feels the main cause of tension and catastrophe is lack of the spirit of cooperation, sympathy, brotherhood and selfless nature, this vishwa vidyalaya tries to best to promote these good qualities, education that corrects imbalance in a human prosperity above all this vishwa vidyalaya feels that in the present system of education, there is over stress on natural and biological science commerce and economic, computer sciences, applied mathematics, statistics, but education in other social sciences and humanities and more particular in spiritual subjects has not only been relegated to the background but has deliberately been omitted from the curriculum, this has resulted in a great imbalance in the development of human personal and society as a whole, so the vishwa vidyalaya imparts education that satisfies curiosity to find the answers to questions like "whom am I" where have i come from and to where shall i return.

     Holistic education relative to the present crisis, thus this is a unique Vishwa Vidyalaya which wants to correct the great imbalance created by the present system, or to fill the gap that is left unfiled by most other universities, it does not want to impart education in all those subjects which are being at other universities, for that would just be the duplication or the over lapping of efforts, on the other hand it is giving education in those subjects which are very relevant to the present critical situation, the education it imparts though visibly spiritual in its content, is happy blend of ethics practical psychology, metaphysics or philosophy, the gist of world history and philosophy, culture, sociology, political science and in fact many other subjects, in truth it gives knowledge as one integrated system which is made up the wisdom of almost of all subjects and therefore holistic and not fragmentary, let us say and education institution with distinction one distinction being that this Vishwa Vidyalaya is run mostly women with a spirit of dedication, devotion, renunciation and sacrifice for the welfare of society as a whole without any distinction on the basis of race, religion, nationality caste or creed and without charging any fees, it is supported by voluntary contributions of its students, it does not give any certificates, diplomas or degrees as none of these were given in the ancient past or even till less than 200 years ago for these do not in fact reflect the spiritual level of a person nor does a spiritual elevated person ask for a certificate, because his or her own life is a certificate to others, Aristotle, newton and Einstein were much more than what any degree can signify of their intellectual attainments, it would be disgrace if one is recognized through ones renown, such are the ideas of this Aishwarya Vishwa Vidyalaya for it wants to revive that tradition of people with outstanding character at a time when society has almost stopped creating such high characters.

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