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Ancient Civilization and the Discovery of Astronomical Year

Civilization of state is understood by considering various factors such as the human attitudes, beliefs and ideas, judgements are values, schools, religions political economical views of philosphers, this civilization changes relation to agriculture, religion, invention of tools, show the cave drawings of goddes of heaven earth of truth, religion was form of expression of feelings modulated by priests and wellwishers, according to views of TR Glower country consisted of one river its bank, delta perhaps a long country some 800 miles long and perhaps 30 miles across, the river overflows fields, other land took to keep them fertile, even if it rains warning from the gods, that trouble might be expected, egypt thanks river nile to make, lizards grew to the size of nightmares but they were real, remained at home and weave, men there carry loads on the heads but women shoulder their burdens, in most of the aspects greeks were reverse and opposite to Egyptians there was no priestess in egypt out plenty of priests.

     Egyptians let their hair to glow that do not eat meat, they do not object living with animals some pet and domestic animals are goats, asses, pigs, camels, egypt was the first place where doctrine of immortality of soul was taught and believed used to preserve dead bodies, mummies, is stone to built tomb and also pyramids, monument first pyramid was made in egypt one of the origin stone made huge monuments possessing the body of lion, with a human head, chaological discovery reveal that egypt had a history far over them to claim, as stone Hinze and the flint arrow heads about our fields.

     Pyramids are examples of archeological achievements of Egyptians, chem means black soil hence chemistry is derived from the word, had immense knowledge of chemical substances and process, discovered the art of making paper developed carpentry, numerical system in Samaria lumar calender 60 minutes in an hour 60 seconds in a minute, 365 days a calender in egypt the word paper is derived from papyrus leaves, on shill they preserved their knowledge of wisdom in heard graphic, they are good at medicine from plants animals and minerals besides portions of skin.

     Mainly there appears three important aspects in literature, bright namely series, floods of nile while occur at regular periodic intervals, movement of sun, prepared calender, mathematics developed used symbols, bionomial theorem credit goes to amass, scientist egypt was rules, remaining people used to assist him, calender was prepared on careful observation of three aspect, movement of sun in the solar system, floods of river nile and system, rising the bright star, with the above observations were able to conclude that the time between two successive floods to be 365 days, time interval between misting star, priests also prepared calender which will be useful for centuries to come, relation between zodiac year consisting over days and approximate year.

     Egyptians study of astronomy discovered solar year and were first to divide into twelve parts, their method of calculation is better than greeks, to make their seasons work out properly intercalate whole month every other year while Egyptians make the year consists of 12 months of thirty days and every year, intercalate five additional days and so complete regular circle for the seasons.

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