Wipro Java Interview Question - Septmeber Latest

- Explain about OOP's concepts in Java?

- Define Stack, and heap memory in java

- In which case you will use abstract class and interface

- Define runtime exceptions? give me one example

- Write a actual singleton java class?

- Tell about one program to print the given arrayin reverse order {2,5,3,1,4}?

- Difference between sleep() and wait() methods?

- Difference between Thread class and runnable interface in Java?

- Oracle thin driver comes under which type of driver?

- Is it possible to write JSP methods? why, if so how?

- Difference between JSP and amp; servlets?

- which type of EJP can bean pooling?

- How can you call an EJP FROM a JSP/SERVLET?

- Difference between Hashtable and amp; hashmap?

- By which default, hashtable is unordered, then, how you can retrieve hashtable?

- Elements in the same order as they are put inside.
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